Sunday, 2017-07-09

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friiqwill the new turbot have ME technology17:25
tbryou can inspect the turbot firmware source yourself AFAIU18:12
tbrFWIW I think it only needs some rather small timing initialization binary, nothing else18:12
friiqok but will AMT be included18:15
tbrI'd suggest you check the Processor on your board of choice against ARK to ensure you have all the features you want18:15
friiqthank you18:15
friiqi was reading that the next release will have 4GB ram18:16
friiqme irl": CPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3826 (-MCP-) speed~1466 MHz (max) Kernel~4.9.0-3-amd64 x86_64 Up~13:40 Mem~577.0/1906.0MB HDD~1096.2GB(12.2% used) Procs~132 Client~Shell inxi~2.3.518:16
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tbrI only see 2GB versions18:18
tbryou asked about turbot. The minnowboard 3 is not a turdbot18:26
friiqah sorry heh18:27
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Bitweasiltbr, hardly fair to to call the Turbot "Turdbot" - it fixes issues with the original Minnowboard Max that were just sloppy.21:19
BitweasilThe HDMI issues, the lack of a battery holder, the wrong silkscreening on the battery terminals, etc.21:19
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