Monday, 2017-07-10

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tbrBitweasil: huh? ah, typo04:36
tbrBitweasil: one thing that didn't improve though is availability...04:37
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ulf`bluelightning: Kabel Deutschland? ;)15:51
bluelightningulf`: yeah I'm in Germany at the moment15:51
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ulf`bluelightning: nice :)15:59
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olofkHi all, picking up a minnowboard turbot tomorrow. Was planning to do a yocto build for it, but can only find instructions for the minnowboard max. Guess the procedure is similar, but would be great to get some pointers to a recent tutorial. Haven't done any yocto builds before21:59
olofkAlso interested in testing if the opencl performance is good enough for my use case. Would it matter which base system I use? ubuntu, yocto..?22:01
olofkHave to leave soon, but will check the log for replies if anyone got some ideas. Thanks22:01
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olofkHi m_w22:25
m_wolofk: hey, how is it going?22:27
olofkJust getting started with yocto. I finally bought those minnowboards I wanted to get last GSoC summit :)22:27
olofkAnd you? Any BB GSoC projects this year?22:28
m_wI am a mentor and admin for beagleboard22:28
olofkAha. Cool. I had a student too, but unfortunately had to let him go :/22:29
olofkSo, what's your project?22:29
m_wthat's too bad22:29
m_wI made help design an ice40 fpga cape for this project22:30
olofkAh cool! FPGA-related. You'll be using FuseSoC I guess ? :P22:30
olofkHave you thought about showing up at orconf this year? Would be great to see this in action22:31
m_wwell the ice40 4k isn't really soc worthy22:31
m_wolofk: well I want to but it is kind of expensive for me to travel there22:31
m_wI signed up for the OSH summit in Colorado22:32
olofkYeah, I understand. We have thought of going to your part of the world at some point. There are many of your fellow countrymen who cite the same reasons22:32
m_wI would really like to go the orconf at least once22:33
m_wfosdem too22:33
olofkYeah. Want to go to osh summit at some point as well. Just had another little one though, so I'm staying low with travelling for some time22:34
olofkShould send over some FOSSi Foundation and LibreCores stickers that someone could distribute at OSH summit :)22:34
m_wthat would be awesome22:35
olofkOh well. Way past bedtime now. But I'll check in here tomorrow. See you22:35
m_wgood night22:35
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