Thursday, 2017-08-03

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BigshooterHello All18:42
BigshooterHoping someone might be able to help me, got a silverjaw lure and a 7260 wifi card, however only the bluetooth portion of the card is recognized in windows18:43
BigshooterOh, and if there is a forum I should be headed to for this kind of thing please let me know18:45
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zogtrogI am really stuck I bought a minnowboard in the hope I would be able to control a sound level meter using win32 usb drivers using either windows IOT 10 or windows embedded 820:36
zogtrogSomebody on youtube seems to have installed windows 8 on a minnow board, but I can't get windows embedded 8 to run on it.20:38
Bigshooterwhat happens when you try and install windows 8?20:40
zogtrogI managed to install both a 32bit image  and the 64 bit embedded image to an SD card, but when it starts to boot, it looks like it's about to show a login screen and at that point it just crashes  and reboots and displays a blue screen of death.20:43
zogtrogI haven't tried full fat windows 8 or windows 10 yet20:44
zogtrogI get error code 0xc000000120:45
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zogtrogI tried a safe boot and that didn't work either20:49
zogtrogI did manage to install some drivers under windows 10 IOT for the sound level meter, but then VS2017 wouldn't let me use the COMM library supplied by the manufacture in a universal windows app. The only way to run a GUI app in windows 10 IOT is to write a UWP program so I was thwarted on that front as well.20:54
zogtrogI guess I can try installing full fat win10, but I don't think I am allowed to install that to a micro SD card21:03
Bigshooterthe micro SD is really slow21:06
Bigshooterand you have to set it up as bootable in the bios i think21:06
Bigshooteri used sata and i have use the silverjaw m221:07
Bigshooterfor my disk21:07
zogtrogThanks I will look into getting a silverjaw m221:16
zogtrogI am after low power so I am not to bothered about speed.21:19
zogtrogThe minnow board is going to be running on batteries that are being recharged by solar panels.21:20
zogtrogThe only problem I have got is that the hardware I have to talk to has only got an API for windows otherwise I would be opting for linux, plus my co-developer and boss doesn't do linux and wants to use VS2017 for coding.21:24
Bigshootervs2017 is amazing21:26
Bigshooteri am running full windows 10, also have components that just dont work with IOT yet21:27
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zogtrogvs2017 is so amazing I had to reinstall it to run a four line program I wrote 1 month ago on a brand new machine with a brand new install because some update or other broke the XAML graphical form designer!21:48
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