Sunday, 2017-08-06

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freqwb warthog901:54
warthog9hehe thanks, someone who shares my rack has been apparently blindly rebooting things without thinking because their machine was offline01:54
warthog9and apparently has been rebooting the router/firewall01:54
freqthat's just about annoying01:55
freqprobly a monkey01:55
freq 01:56:36 up 90 days,  5:48,  load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.0401:56
freqcan't get no uptime on my arch install tho01:57
freqnew kernel every 2 days i think01:58
warthog9my stuff ususally doesn't go down unless I've done something terribly wrong02:00
freqthat's why i run debian on my desktop. 10-4 on the pebkac sharing your blade :p02:00
freqi'm losing my mind over here about the minnowboard 3 coming out02:00
freqhoping for 3 or more usb ports02:00
* freq is excited02:01
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