Thursday, 2017-08-31

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msvb-labwarthog9: I read you were trying to PXE Boot the Minnow, did you succeed in the end?11:08
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warthog9msvb-lab: haven't poked at it in a while16:40
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Bitweasilhey, warthog9.  Haven't seen you around in a while.17:32
BitweasilI'm having all sorts of fun with the firmware on this board. :D17:32
warthog9msvb-lab: I know you can get the uefi http stuff working, but I'd have to go look up how I did it a while ago17:35
warthog9Bitweasil: I lurk :-)17:36
warthog9when poked I wake up17:36
BitweasilAh, fair enough.17:38
BitweasilLike a bear? :D17:38
BitweasilLoving the high speed serial interfaces. ;)17:39
warthog9they are darned useful once you get them working17:39
BitweasilIs there a way to hang a proper GPU (x16 PCI-E) off these boards for Folding@Home or such?17:39
warthog9I do so love serial uarts17:39
warthog9Bitweasil: sorta17:39
BitweasilYeah, the fake FTDI chips don't handle 3M baud properly.  Took a while to figure that out.17:40
BitweasilSwitched to the newer 231X and it got a ton better! :)17:40
warthog9if you are willing to get into adapter hell you can go minnow <-> silerjaw <-> x1 mpcie adapter to x16 pcie adapter17:40
BitweasilAlso 512 byte TX/RX buffer on those vs 128/256 on the 232s.17:40
warthog9the fake ftdi chips break all kinds of things :-/17:40
BitweasilInteresting.  That... sounds like it might eliminate some of the cost savings.17:40
warthog9and they are prolific17:41
BitweasilThat's why I stopped buying the 232s - they're mostly fake.17:41
BitweasilNeat, might play with that.  Thanks!17:42
warthog9the real gotcha is finding a graphics card that will negotiate to a x1 pcie lane17:43
warthog9some will, some won't17:43
warthog9and as long as you aren't shoving lots of data in/out of the card the x1 lane should be fine17:43
warthog9so folding should be fine17:44
warthog9mining should be fine17:44
warthog9I wouldn't try to run a AAA title at 4K off of it ;-)17:44
BitweasilI'm familiar.17:44
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msvb-labwarthog9: I just want to generally know if you remember having the PXE boot problems and then finding a solution to them.18:49
warthog9msvb-lab: think I started poking at it, and then got distracted so never got it fully completed18:49
msvb-labI'm kind of confident that with the Turbot and latest UEFI releases, it's likely that PXE booting is not that hard.18:49
warthog9I also don't remember if pxe itself is actually possible with the firmware load18:50
msvb-labI guess a BOOTP/DHCP and TFTP server with some prepared config and images... should be a half day project?18:50
warthog9because uefi network boot != pxe network boot18:50
msvb-labOh, maybe not. I'm just interested in experimenting with not having local media on the devices.18:51
msvb-lab...must be possible somehow, regardless of whether it's PXE or some other UEFI thing.18:51
warthog9msvb-lab: roughly, you could grab something like pxeknife (full disclosure that's my project) which might help setup the images and config side for pxe18:51
warthog9but overall a couple of hours and you should have a testable pxe setup18:51
warthog9msvb-lab: yes, I do believe it's possible18:52
warthog9and I believe the board supports it18:52
warthog9I just don't have a canned recipe to point you at18:52
msvb-labwarthog9: That's quite cool you've made a pxe tool for config.18:56
warthog9semi-self configuring too :-)18:56
msvb-labIf I get far enough along, I'll do NFS as well so that persistence is possible.18:57
warthog9made it years ago when I was having to put those together more often and was sick of doing it by hand18:57
warthog9yeah nfs root is fun, but a pain in the butt18:57
warthog9and if memory serves me, systemd does not make your life easier with that because they don't believe it's a "valid" use case18:57
* warthog9 withholds the long grumbling about systemd18:57
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