Tuesday, 2017-09-05

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MuhahaHey does anyone know if the on-board SATA of the new MinnowBoard:Turbot support "Port multiplier"? because the old MinnowBoard:Max does not support it06:28
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msvb-labAnyone here booting Minnows without local storage (no SD/SATA), for example over the network?11:04
msvb-labThere's next to no documentation about network booting for the Minnowboards.11:08
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msvb-labNobody's booting over network (with no SD/SATA media?)13:41
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georgemmsvb-lab: I run u-boot on mine instead of the UEFI firmware. tftp boot should work with u-boot. I can't help you with UEFI though.14:52
msvb-labgeorgem: Okay so you replaced the bootloader, and I guess you see a menu selection for TFTP boot?15:24
msvb-labActually, I'm hoping to get a network boot working in UEFI. Thanks anyway for the advice, though.15:25
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