Friday, 2017-09-15

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ALiciniois everybody dead here ? looks like a cemetery08:13
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tbrtotally, all sorts of rotting corpses all around...16:57
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ALiciniotbr: that irc was awesome few months ago19:34
ALiciniobut now nobody is alive!19:34
ALicinioi did receive 2x quad core dual eth with silverjaw lures today, awesome board, slightly better than my minnowboard turbot19:35
tbrbtw: I wouldn't be as bold as to call a channel dead if I'd ask a question to which there is no answer and then receive no answers.19:36
tbrhint: the minnow doesn't have any slots at all19:37
ALicinioyeah i agree19:50
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furysmurray: they’re thinking the lockups and the memtest errors on the Minnowboard are two different issues, they told me to start a new one here:
smurrayfury: okay22:54
furyif anyone has a Minnowboard handy and can reproduce a lockup, sounds like they need help tracking it down. All I had to do was start up AGL and open all the apps and multitask, and sometimes it’d be within minutes, sometimes it’d take hours. I played Bluetooth in the background while I was working and I’d notice it go away after a while, no discernible pattern to it. Also let a GDP run with the navigation22:54
furymock-up for a few hours and it happened a few times22:54
furyLooks like someone reported the same happening on Ubuntu 16.0422:55
smurraywith one of the new ones, though, I guess?22:55
furyYeah, quad core...I guess the dual cores are seeing the Memtest86 / firmware bug, but not sure if anyone with a dual core has seen an OS lockup23:00
smurrayfury: that's not particularly reassuring23:08
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