Saturday, 2017-09-23

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hamderHi. I am trying to boot onto a USB (win10) on the minnowboard MAX, but "EFI USB Device" does not show up under the boot manager. I have tried creating the bootable drive with Rufus using both MBR and GPT. Any suggestions on how to solve it?16:40
tbryou could drop to the efi shell and check if it sees the filesystem16:57
hamderOk, i'll give that a try. Does my bootable drive need to be GPT or MBR?17:05
hamderShould it be listed when running "map" in shell?17:11
tbrI usually poke around the FS0: FS1: etc to see if its there17:12
tbrnot sure if GPT is supported17:12
hamderpoke around the FS0, I am don't follow17:29
hamderif I list devices using "map" the USB drive does not show17:32
hamderI have tried connecting a SD card. The board is able to see, but when trying to boot it fails18:27
hamderfinally got it to boot19:04
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