Wednesday, 2017-10-18

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kyranfSo the minnowboard turbot processor is still in active production by Intel? It hasn't been discontinued? I know some Atom CPUs have been announced as discontinued..11:51
kyranfthe minnowboard 3 which is in development uses a newer Atom X5 which I assume will be supported for a while so that's nice. I expect upgrading from MB Turbot to MB 3 will be simple, for integrators11:52
kyranfI can't trust Intel anymore, they keep cancelling products and it's not making a very safe environment for niche applications in robotics/machine vision where we might need 100 units, and support over 5-6 years at least11:53
kyranfand follow-on projects 2-3 years apart that should use the same hardware - but what if it's discontinued!? Anyway, just wanted to know if you guys feel the Minnowboard is continuing on strong and healthy. It looks like it is, from some recent news releases11:54
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furycan the m.2 on the minnowboard be used for an nvm.e drive or is it only sata?20:40
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