Sunday, 2017-11-12

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RjmendezI have a real stupid problem and an equally stupid solution, Minnowboard turbot is in a portable sensor package that needs GPS and a SATA drive for data logging. When I connect the SATA cable to the Minnowboard and the Samsung SSD I get unholy levels of RF noise on the GPS L1 band that jams GPS for about 1-2 meters.
RjmendezThe solution so far is wrapping the entire device in aluminum foil but will be replaced with something less dumb in the future when I get some copper mesh.05:16
RjmendezI'm thinking that these temps are a bit of a problem...05:17
RjmendezNo aluminum foil
RjmendezWrapped like a baked potato.
Rjmendezpotatoboard turbot.
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