Tuesday, 2018-03-13

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BitweasilMy Minnowboard's USB ports have entirely quit working.22:55
BitweasilCan't find keyboard on them in EFI, can't find USB devices on them.22:55
Bitweasiler, block devices on them.22:55
BitweasilBoth ports.22:56
BitweasilDoesn't seem to be firmware related, I SPI'd the stock firmware back on.22:58
BitweasilHm, no power on them.22:59
BitweasilIs there a fuse on them or something?22:59
BitweasilI can't imagine how I'd have blown it.22:59
Bitweasil500kOhm through F1 seems wrong.  Is that a polyfuse?  Found a place talking about F1 being blown.23:07
BitweasilYeah, that solved it (put a strand of wire over the fuse).  Is that a known issue?23:19
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