Saturday, 2018-06-23

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mfnyhi all00:46
mfnyanyone here ?00:46
furyI'm always here00:46
furyBut not quite all there, if you get my meaning00:47
mfnylooking for a intel SBC, so am shopping around right now00:48
mfnyi remebered that the minnowboard was on my list the last time i looked around a few years ago00:49
mfnyalso emebered that minnowboard irc was quite active, but maybe not so much now ?00:53
furyI've got a few Turbot Dual-E Quad Cores. Great fun, especially paired up with an M.2 SATA SSD. Little annoying with the fan whine, but tolerable. I'm not sure that I've ever been around when it was "active" but I do see some posting here and there, like on the github00:54
mfnywell when i was here last there was actuly a rep from intel here00:55
mfnyim guessing he is not here anymore00:57
furythere is an Intel contingent in Automotive Grade Linux, and I know the minnowboard is one of the reference boards for it, but dunno other than that (sometimes I don't pay much attention)01:00
furyMinnowboard 3 was supposed to be coming soon, I dunno what's going on with it01:05
mfnywould you recomend the minnowboard turbot dual as it is now ?01:15
furyI guess it depends on what you need to do with it. I'm fumbling around just trying to figure out how to write a Linux codec driver to get I2S audio out of the thing. If all I needed to do was hook up to I2C and SPI and twiddle some GPIOs (oh and have a really really fast quad core CPU to do number crunching/UI) then I think it's a fine option, despite the age of the Atom 38xx01:20
mfnyah yes the Atom on thr Turbot is a bit old hat it seems .. hmm01:23
furyOthers I've considered include LattePanda (new Alpha and Delta models coming soon maybe?), Up Squared, and UDOO x8601:29
furyBut don't confuse my inexperience with minnowboard's viability - I'm sure somebody more competent with Linux drivers would have that particular pesky issue solved lickety split01:31
mfnyyea ive looked at the UP boards, and the LattePanda and the UDOO01:33
fury(And if they do and just so happen to be reading here, please post :D )01:33
mfnyLattepanda has overheating issues01:34
furyKinda figured it would, trying to pack that much oomph into such a small design. Maybe it should try an iced latte instead :D01:36
mfnyi think the issue with the panda is small PCB and no heatsink01:36
furyno heatsink? what kind of madness is this01:37
furyNot even the core m3 macbook gets away without a that case I think it's high anisotropic graphite (sp?) heat spreader into basically the whole chassis as a heatsink01:38
mfnyfury: i mean it has a heatspreader type thing but yea, its woefully under speced i think for the job01:41
furyoh yeah01:42
mfnyi think i may get the UDOO at this point01:43
furythen again, maybe LattePanda tried fans and didn't want to end up with something like this ->
mfnyhaha, maybe so01:47
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