Thursday, 2018-09-06

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BitweasilThe firmware build directions for 0.98 don't work, warthog9...18:57
BitweasilIt has you put stuff in the edk2/edk2-platforms/etc subdirectories.18:58
BitweasilThen the build script goes complaining it can't find c:\myworkspace\NT32Pkg\NT32Pkg.dsc18:58
BitweasilWhich is most definitely not looking in the edk2 subdirectory where that is. :/18:58
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warthog9not sure I've looked at the edk2 build stuff in 3 years or so20:27
warthog9stephano is probably your man though ;-)20:27
warthog9I hear he knows everything about edk2 these days20:27
BitweasilWell, in any case, it seems the .98 build instructions don't work as listed.  Advice appreciated. :)20:31
BitweasilThis is still a fun little board to abuse terribly! :)20:31
warthog9where did you find the .98 build instructions?20:32
warthog9might be something up on the old wiki20:32
warthog9I could be convinced to go find all the data and/or turn that on at a different url20:32
BitweasilOn Intel's site...20:39
warthog9hmmmm that should be fairly up to date20:43
warthog9for like 2 years ago20:43
BitweasilYeah, it wasn't building for me.  Looking for files in the wrong location.20:46
BitweasilMaybe I screwed it up, but it would be worth trying out.20:46
warthog9well if it's looking for them at a windows path on a linux box - that's not going to work too well20:51
BitweasilIt's on a Windows box.20:52
BitweasilWin10 Enterprise.20:52
* stephano runs for the hills21:15
stephanoBitweasil, I'll have a look. I'd like to get the instructions out of the release notes and into a wiki.21:16
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