Monday, 2019-07-08

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programmerqmy minnowmax has been sitting unused for over a year. :( I haven't gotten it out since I moved (almost exactly a year ago)13:35
programmerqI was in the middle of swapping out the power supply to something with more capacity when the move happened.13:35
programmerqnow there are more capable boards out there that are quite tempting.13:35
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Bitweasilprogrammerq, what are you using it for?  It's a solid firmware dev board, but in terms of actually using it for stuff, I'm not sure I'd have many uses.15:05
programmerqIt was in service as a low power linux server running debian. It's good enough for a single minecraft server at a time, or a bunch of smaller web services. it hasn't been a big deal to have it out of service, but I do miss having the extra little low powered server around.15:06
programmerqthe last power supply would give out after a couple weeks and I'd have to go reset it.15:08
BitweasilHave you considered a Pi3B+/Pi4 for that job?  The Pi4 looks really promising for a little standalone server like that.15:08
BitweasilUSB3 and actual gigabit.15:08
Bitweasil... and probably outperforms the Minnowboard Max.15:08
programmerqyeah, but I own the minnowmax already. the pi4 does look good15:08
programmerqI'll probably get one at some point.15:09
programmerqI have a 3b+ that's just sitting doing nothing.15:09
programmerqhonestly, I'd be happy putting both the max and the 3b+ back into service.15:09
programmerqthe max is nice because of the sata connection.15:09
programmerqthe sd card on the pi is a big limiting factor. booting a pi4 on usb3 would be a pretty good alternate.15:10
BitweasilYeah, the SATA connection is nice.15:10
BitweasilI boot my Pis on SD card, then have root on a USB3 to SSD adapter.15:10
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