Tuesday, 2019-10-15

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notoriousPigHi, I'm working on an ssdt overlay, I hardly find documentation.14:55
notoriousPigDo you have any links for documentation on asl file format and how to add my device ?14:55
notoriousPig(It's a touch screen, ads7846.)14:56
BitweasilSorry, what are you trying to do?15:59
BitweasilI'll suggest in 2019 that a Minnowboard is probably the wrong solution, though.16:00
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programmerqmine is running a static website! it was collecting dust for a long time, so it's nice that it's doing *something* again.16:59
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warthog9I've got a few still running around19:12
warthog9even a couple of the dual cores i think I'm taking down to the data center next month19:13
warthog9err dual ethernets19:13
BitweasilOooh.  Fancy.19:13
BitweasilI've got my Max Turbot, finally done with abusing the poor thing.19:13
BitweasilI've done so many horrible things to that box... I was nice, though.  Put it back on a stock firmware before retiring it for later project use.19:13
warthog9I'm amused it keeps winning accolades ins SBC reviews19:14
BitweasilIt's a gutless wonder, but it will run Windows and it has USB3 and a real SATA port.19:14
warthog9particularly since the main chip is past last call on buying I think19:14
warthog9maybe not19:15
warthog9ohhhh no launched in 2013, it'll hit EOL next year in 202019:16
warthog9since I think that was a 7 year chip19:16
warthog9but yeah, solid, basic, just works :-)19:17
warthog9hard to argue with it19:17
BitweasilI did have my USB fuse die at one point, had to jumper that.19:20
BitweasilBut it's a properly nice little board.  I just don't have a use for it anymore.19:21
BitweasilMy Jetson Nano runs rings around it for light desktop use.19:21
warthog9mine are all heading to data center work19:25
warthog9basically instead of running a tiny VM for something it's going to get run on a dedicated thing19:26
BitweasilWell, given the Intel uarch trainwreck, that's wise.19:28
BitweasilAnd you can use a real SSD vs a SD card that will fail in 6 months.19:28
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