Wednesday, 2019-10-16

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notoriousPigHi again.07:43
notoriousPigBitweasil, I'm not using a minnowboard.07:44
notoriousPigI'm more familiar with arm architecture in which there is device tree blob.07:44
notoriousPigBut a client of mine ask me to add a touchscreen in x86 architecture using the SPI bus.07:46
notoriousPigI found ACPI device tree ->
notoriousPigI guess it is the way on minnowboard to add componants, that's why I'm asking here for documentation.07:48
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BitweasilIt's got a nice GPIO breakout, but that's about it.15:40
BitweasilNo idea why you'd use a Minno... you left.  right.15:40
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