Thursday, 2020-01-09

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ecdhewarthog9: sorry to hear the project has retired15:29
BitweasilI'm not terribly surprised.16:56
BitweasilThey're fun boards, but Intel wasn't really committed to keeping up with them and updating them.16:58
BitweasilAnd at this point, a Minnowboard is a pretty gutless wonder for almost anything.16:58
BitweasilNice little firmware dev board, though.16:58
Bitweasil(actually, a flat out amazing firmware dev board - I enjoyed it for three years)16:58
warthog9ecdhe: I haven't been on it for 3 years, but I agree - I'm saddened18:26
warthog9yeah, minnow is still useful18:27
warthog9but not at the price point it was last selling for18:27
warthog9I'm not even sure you can still get the chip it runs18:27
warthog9think it finally hit last call18:27
BitweasilWouldn't surprise me.  It was midway through life when I got my paws on one.18:40
BitweasilI think a Raspberry Pi 4 is radically faster...18:40
warthog9I'd be surprised if it was19:15
BitweasilWhich way?19:19
BitweasilThe Pi4 is properly quick.19:19
warthog9I'd be surprised if the pi 4 was actually faster than a baytrail19:20
warthog9I'm not saying the Pi4 isn't a leap from the pi319:20
warthog9but the baytrail was a surprisingly powerful chip for when it came out19:20
BitweasilWhat benchmark you want? ;)19:21
warthog9pick one, I can't actually quickly find an apples to apples comparison19:21
BitweasilJust a sec.19:21
BitweasilWhat's the SoC on the Minnowboard again?19:22
warthog9e3826 I think19:22
warthog9anything baytrail will be close enough19:22
warthog9when the team following me tore down the wiki, because apparently people hate wikis, it got a lot harder to find useful technical information19:23
warthog9random mouse over thingies > wikis, or so I'm told19:23
BitweasilLooks like the E3825 in the one I have.19:24
BitweasilBut, yeah, annoyed about the loss of the wiki.19:24
warthog9I've still got the whole database19:25
BitweasilI'm trying to find a good command line benchmark. :/  Don't have a GUI up on them.19:25
warthog9it's funny, I've got probably 10 minnowboards still on my desk ;-)19:26
warthog9a couple I need to finish up the projects I started with them19:26
warthog9in particular the chromecast audio -> squeezebox converter minnowboard19:27
warthog9because I'm apparently a sucker for tech that's "dead"19:28
BitweasilOk.  Found some geekbench results, didn't run the tests myself.19:29
Bitweasil <-- E3825 on someone's system.19:29
BitweasilSo quite a bit faster.19:30
BitweasilBy the way, I really do appreciate all the random questions about that board you've answered over the years. :)19:31
BitweasilWhich is consistent with the user experience, I'd add.19:32
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ecdhewarthog9: I would take a couple if you're getting rid of them!20:26
ecdheI'm starting to do some kernel work and so it would be an embedded platform.  I am starting with a raspberry pi but I'm looking at automating tests for x86_64 and  MIPS as well.20:27
ecdheand I agree with Bitweasil, thanks for all the random questions you answered, warthog920:28
BitweasilI don't know why you'd do that on iron instead of in a VM...20:29
BitweasilDepending on what sort of work you're doing with the kernel.20:32
ecdheBitweasil: regression testing embedded drivers20:36
BitweasilAh, ok.20:36
BitweasilThen might make a good test platform.20:37
BitweasilI'm sure you can find them cheap on eBay if you poke around.20:37
BitweasilI only have one.20:37
ecdheThere's a dual core turbot on ebay now with one bid...20:37
ecdhe~$70 shipped if you win it20:37
BitweasilMine is mostly retired.20:39
BitweasilI was doing a ton of firmware dev on it, but that projet is over.20:39
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