Friday, 2020-01-10

warthog9ecdhe: most of the ones I have left were the "weird" ones00:19
warthog9and half the time I have to re-discover the weirdness00:20
warthog9Bitweasil, ecdhe: happy to answer what I can00:20
warthog9it's a good board :-)00:20
warthog9even still00:20
BitweasilI agree!  And it's got a good datasheet, unlike the Pi.00:21
warthog9I've got a few dual-ethernets sitting around I'm pondering deploying out to the data center in california00:21
warthog9if we had the wiki back up we'd have GREAT documentation ;-)00:21
BitweasilAnyway, I'm out - later!00:22
BitweasilIt's been a fun few years with it!00:22
BitweasilAnd i've learned a metric shitton about the STM. :D00:23
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