Wednesday, 2020-01-15

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BitweasilYou and everyone else who was looking for info.  The eLinux stuff is OK, but not nearly as nice.18:47
Bitweasil*shrug*  It's Intel.  They're as bad at Google about actually supporting stuff outside their core line.18:48
Bitweasil"Hey, check out our new awesome gadget that's going to... uh... hey, look, new shiny over here!"18:48
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ecdheBitweasil: did you ever get a Gallileo?20:15
BitweasilNo, never had a need for one.20:16
ecdheI just acquired one from the same guy who got all excited about Minnowboard and introduced me to it.20:16
ecdheHe won't buy an intel project anymore.20:16
BitweasilHonestly, I wouldn't have one if it weren't for a project where it was literally the perfect dev board.20:17
BitweasilI used it for a 3 year project, got insane value out of it, and it sits on a shelf now.20:17
BitweasilBut it's what the STM was built for.20:17
BitweasilAnd is an awesome little SoC breakout board.20:17
BitweasilIn general, I'm not sure that sort of board makes sense.  You're usually far better off with a "normal" computer (Pi or something, if you want small/low power) for handling non-realtime stuff, pushing the realtime workloads to a small microcontroller.20:23
warthog9my wife convinved me to get a static copy of the old wiki back up20:56
warthog9turns out I own a perfect domain for it: minnowboard.outof.biz20:56
warthog9I *KNEW* that domain would come in handy some day20:57
warthog9hmpf, I'm staring at the old wiki, and I'm wondering why people thought it needed to be nuked from orbit21:02
BitweasilBecause, you know, admission of some project that existed and all!21:07
BitweasilI wish I would have picked up a few more lures for it, though.  The M.2 SSD one would be awesome. :)21:08
warthog9the silverjaw?21:21
warthog9ohhh wait there's an m.2 one?21:21
warthog9missed that21:21
warthog9guh, I hate nodejs21:22
warthog9but apparently the only "usable" media wiki exporter is written in node21:22
BitweasilHost it, wget -r?21:26
BitweasilOr whatever the proper mirroring instructions are.21:27
BitweasilI did that for mine.21:27
BitweasilIt's just static pages.21:27
BitweasilAny of the dynamic stuff simply isn't present.21:27
BitweasilBut it works fine.21:27
warthog9I'm poking at it21:37
warthog9it tries to build something, fails, deletes a directory, tries to create it but it issues mkdir vs. mkdir -p21:37
warthog9so mkdir doesn't work21:37
warthog9and then just throws up it's hands21:37
warthog9and falls over21:38
* warthog9 tries this a different way21:41
warthog9got it :-)21:43
warthog9with a sledge hammer21:43
warthog9ok lets not run this as root21:48
BitweasilIt's probably fine!21:49
warthog9I have total faith!21:49
warthog9TOTAL FAITH21:49
warthog9hmmm need redis it seems21:53
warthog9Bitweasil: wget ftw it seems22:14
BitweasilHey, it works. :)22:16
warthog9won't be "efficient"22:22
warthog9but it's getting there22:22
Bitweasil*shrug*  It beats not having the wiki up.22:22
BitweasilI'm now in the always-fun process of informing coworkers I'll be taking a different position later this year, trying to make sure I get ends wrapped up...22:23
warthog9ohhhh anything interesting?22:24
BitweasilMore focused hypervisor/emulation dev.22:24
BitweasilNothing wrong with what I'm doing now, just... a pay bump that exceeds quite a few of my early salaries.22:24
BitweasilYeah, should be fun.  Should increase savings rate rather massively.22:25
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warthog9always nice22:25
BitweasilYeah, one of those "Well, can't really find a downside..." sort of things.  Still a scary change and all.22:29
BitweasilStill remote, part time, still in the deep weeds, has the possibility to pivot to work with ARM/Power, and do some really cool stuff.22:29
warthog9change is always scary22:31
warthog9it's change for a reason ;-)22:31
BitweasilI feel like I'm job hopping, I only stay at one company for 3-4 years at a time...22:41
warthog9ohhhhh, neat, I never set up22:42
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If we don't respond please go to the mailing list | website says "project being retired" (and site gone, mirror of old wiki: )"22:49
BitweasilBut there's no wiki yet. :(22:50
warthog9GETTING THERE :-P22:50
warthog9shesh :-P22:50
warthog9considering I didn't even have the domain plumbed through 10 minutes ago ;-)22:51
BitweasilOr I'll tweet bad things about you22:51
BitweasilWhich... I mean, do you realize how awful that would be? :D22:51
BitweasilWars start that way!22:51
warthog9Bitweasil: hit reload22:51
warthog9you bum22:52
BitweasilOooh!  Fancy!22:52
BitweasilSee, that's what I call service.22:52
BitweasilJust had to yell to get things done.22:52
BitweasilSweet.  Glad to see that back up.22:53
BitweasilChannel has gotten a bit smaller over the past year or two...22:54
warthog9people have moved on22:54
warthog9and since I haven't worked on the project in ~3yrs22:54
BitweasilWell, mine is on a shelf...22:54
warthog9no one has been stoking the community22:54
BitweasilI don't know why there'd be much of a community around a screwball 4 year old SoC.22:54
BitweasilI mean, it's literally perfect for the firmware dev I was doing.22:55
warthog9the people who took it over never quite got "community"22:55
BitweasilBut otherwise, I'm not sure what the point is tbh.22:55
warthog9not a lot of point22:55
warthog9there's other x86 based platforms out there now22:55
warthog9I've got one with a chromecast audio -> usb audio -> minnowboard22:56
warthog9basically doing spdif digital out -> in and retransmit22:56
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