Thursday, 2020-01-23

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warthog9ecdhe: that's amusing00:57
warthog9is that gen1 or gen2 galley?00:57
warthog9(headphone jack serial, or ftdi pinout)00:57
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ecdhewarthog9: same processor on both gen1 and gen220:58
warthog9thought the gen2 had a bunch of fixes in the cpu20:58
warthog9same basic cpu, but thought it had a newer rev20:59
ecdhewarthog9: I could be wrong, documentation I saw just said they both had the X1000 with no explanation of silicon revision.21:01
warthog9my memory is at least 3 years old too, and I had internal stuff flashing through my head too21:01
warthog9so I could be very wrong21:01
ecdheintel gave away 50K galileo boards to boost adoption... but I can't find much of any on ebay, you'd think you'd be able to get a box of 10 of them or something.21:01
warthog9there was something else with gen1 that they couldn't sell them21:02
warthog9could give them away, but couldn't sell21:02
warthog9and I don't remember21:02
warthog9there was a couple of storage rooms *FULL* of them down in one of the sites21:02
ecdheI know for gen2 they added a wide-range regulartor, gen1 needed 5volts exactly21:02
warthog9I've got a few galleys, and edisons sitting around21:04
warthog9not enough time to have done anything with them21:04
ecdheI was looking at building a test controller for CI on embedded hardware.  Mostly just needed the network port, I wasn't going to over-integrate with the galileo hardware to the point that I'd be hosed when it croaks21:05
warthog9ohhhh hadn't thought about doing the temperature sensor stuff with the galley21:09
warthog9that's not a bad idea actually21:09
warthog9(iot temperature sensors for several refridgerators around the house)21:09
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