Tuesday, 2020-02-11

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ecdhewarthog9: I should have asked before; have you ever played with an Atomic Pi?14:27
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warthog9ecdhe: I've got one sitting around here somewhere20:02
warthog9ecdhe: it's a huge board, haven't done too much with it20:03
warthog9bought it mostly as a lark20:03
warthog9ecdhe: had to check the board drawer to see if it was there20:04
BitweasilDamn, that's an impressive little board.21:43
BitweasilToo bad I'm trying to get stuff away from Intel lately...21:59
warthog9Bitweasil: it was surprisingly cheap too22:32
warthog9sub $10022:32
warthog9was it something stupid like under $50?22:32
BitweasilYeah, I see that.22:33
warthog9the board is GIGANTIC though22:33
warthog9for the same volume I can probably fit 8 minnows22:34
warthog9maybe more22:34
warthog9the heatsink is gigantic22:34
BitweasilOh, ok.23:05
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