Thursday, 2020-02-13

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ecdheBitweasil: what are you going to that's not intel?  ARM stuff?15:37
Bitweasilecdhe, kind of thinking that way, yeah.  AMD for desktops, or even just ARM for desktops.15:50
BitweasilI'm pretty well pissed at them.15:50
BitweasilBasically, the only secure model anymore is physically separated systems.16:33
BitweasilAnd ARM boards are cheap.16:33
BitweasilI'd love to see something like Qubes run with a cluster of Raspberry Pis for the backing hardware (instead of VMs), but... eh, I don't have that kind of free time yet.16:33
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warthog9ohhh, friend pointed me at something that made me both happy, and sad, the other day23:53
warthog9 that is an absolutely gorgeous board23:55
warthog9no low speed pins23:55
warthog9but it's overall a very pretty board23:55

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