Wednesday, 2020-03-18

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packetdogGood morning everyone, at least Chicago time. :)14:14
packetdogI'm trying to get in touch with a user that used to be active here called trickstarter.14:15
packetdogAnyone have any contact information?14:15
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ecdhepacketdog: I can't help you there14:34
ecdheanyone else?14:35
packetdogNot sure. User seems to be a ghost. Worked on some VMWare driver stuff back in 2013-2014, and want to discuss an opportunity for further development.14:37
ecdheperhaps warthog9 knows?14:38
packetdogI have to run off to work, but I'll try to check back. If anyone can connect me, I can be reached at in case IRC times me out.14:41
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