Thursday, 2020-03-19

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warthog9ohhh he pinged out00:53
warthog9wonder if he's thinking of the gentleman who was trying to get esxi to run on a minnow?00:53
warthog9pretty sure that's a lost cause (I did run into him not long after I joined VMware too, and he mentioned some of the roadblocks he ran into and how it was unlikely to get fixed)00:54
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programmerqlol, esxi on a minnowboard never crossed my mind. I did fire up steamos on it successfully when I first got my max15:51
programmerqI have a static website running on my max right now, but I think the domain expired. :/15:52
BitweasilI don't know why you *couldn't* run ESX on it, beyond "This is a silly platform to host VMs on."  The hardware supports most of the modern VMX features.17:19
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warthog9Bitweasil: it's mostly esxi's limited driver support22:40
warthog9you could get proxmox or ovirt running on it22:41
warthog9and I know some of the very early kubernetes clusters were all minnowboards22:41

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